WeDiscoverGeeks focuses on technology, STEM Education, apps, video games, board games, and all things geeky. We teach, explore, and embrace innovation, creativity, and technological advancements through our  online magazine, podcasts, and our workshops and trade show events.

Technology, computers, and electronic entertainment are not just a hobby anymore. In fact, most of our technological advancements have become necessities in life. Many of our younger generations are so dependent on technology for communication and daily living. And many of our older generations are dependent on technology for medical and assisted living.  WeDiscoverGeeks believes it is essential to understand and adapt to these technological changes around us. We focus on technology, STEM Education, apps, video games, board games, and HOW to balance these with family and work life.

Created and Owned by Kat Mahoney, WeDiscoverGeeks was formerly TheGeekParent that grew larger than a parental focus. As the audience grew and the need for tech education and digital awareness became more important, Mrs. Mahoney reconnected with the community as a whole rather than on an individual basis.


The WDG electronic magazine features categorized information, articles, interviews, tips and advice for educators, parents, and students.


From workshops to trade show events, WeDiscoverGeeks helps educate adults, students, and the community on Tech, Social, and Games.


Download our live community app on your mobile phone and get instant updates as well as social engagement from our real time community. 

Proudly providing virtual and tech services for small businesses, organizations, and educational clubs.


We are passionate about web designing. Your website is not just a place for information, it's an Art that says a lot about you and your business. As the saying goes, "First impressions are lasting impressions", so too is your website.


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